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Ruby Resort- First day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Ruby Resort- First day! 12:06 AM
Hi friends! Sorry for the late update again! Mommy's computer was unwell.. but is working again now after mommy reinstall the system.. Hope computer is alright now :)
I was thrilled when mommy and hoomans took me to the beach and spend a night in Ruby Resort.
It was a long drive ( the longest I ever sat in a car) 4 hours!!
When we arrived I sprung out of the car and couldn't wait to explore ( I was offleash the whole time :D )
Here're the photos! It was a lovely weather when we were there.

My first look at the beach was pawsome!
I sat with the hoomans enjoying the bootiful scenery
A Jack Russell was excited to sniffed me.. bol!

Is a She, her name is BooBoo! She very friendly... maybe too friendly..

I was too captivated by the scenery to look at her though..

Here's a super friendly golden retriever
Look just like Amber-Mae! :D

Mommy let me down and play with the doggies

BooBoo was super interested in me and followed me everywhere..

I asked her to leave me alone..

and gave her a snappy..
(mean' old me..)

She got the message and left with her mommy..
and I could enjoy in peace..

I was a really nervous in the water because the waves were very strong for little me

"Hey, this isn't so bad."

I almost swallowed by the waves of furry

I did not dare to go too far after that

I was super tired and exhausted!!
Is time to wrap it up!
Satisfied and happy face :)

The hoomans had yummy seafood dinner
After that, we relaxed till we snoozed away~
It was a tiring and pawsome day :)

end of day 1 !

paw print♥here

Solve your dog's issues

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Solve your dog's issues 12:18 AM

Amber is my adorable, long coat Chihuahua. Her coat is fairly thick and daily grooming is a must. Without her daily grooming, the house floor will be filled with dog hair. Amber sleeps with me on my bed which brings a concern for my parents because of Amber excessive shedding may affect my personal health, for example asthma. Another issue is Amber's constant scratching. Everytime she scratch herself I quickly inspect her for ticks and I couldn't find any which left me puzzled. Something is causing Amber to itch but I don't know what. Also, take note that dog shedding is common but not normal. If your dog sheds excessively like Amber, it could the cause of deficiency of zinc, amino acid and fatty acid.

When I first read about Dinovite, the phrase "stop excessive shedding" really caught my eye. It will be a great relieved if my mom nagging would end. Is been a problem since Amber was just a puppy. Dinovite offers a variety of natural supplement for different causes like itching, scratching and dog odor . All products are effective to provide adequate amounts of nutrients that are lack on the dog's diet. All dog owners including me, our dog health is the main priority above everything else. Giving our dog proper nutriens can help maintain our dogs' health and stay happy for both parties. Dinovite guarantee 100% customers satisfaction with the use of Dinovite products and see amazing result in 90 days. Click on solutions center to read more information about Dinovite.

paw print♥here

Toys R Us Warehouse sales!

Monday, June 22, 2009 Toys R Us Warehouse sales! 11:01 PM
The sale is here! It stars on d
23th-28th June 2009!!
Venue: Centro, Grand Imperial Ballroom
located at Jalan Batu tiga Lama
Up to 70% !!

Grab among your favorite brands!!
& save a bundle for parties, occasions and etc!!

paw print♥here

Me really really back!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Me really really back!! 7:00 PM
Hiiii friends!! me misses everyone and hope you like my new layout.
Is sure been a long time since I posted.
Here is my most updated picture
I look different don't I ?Because mommy cut me fur!
I can't wait for my fur fur to grow back~~
I finally went to beach!! I'll update on the next post with lot's of photos to show :)

I really really have to catch up with everyone!!! It's been so long!!
Would like to Congrats to Amber Mae for giving birth to 7 lovely babies !! :D
sure is a happy happy momment!
Please do update me if there're more big news!!
Till then.. BIG LICKS!!

paw print♥here

Amber Chihuahua ♥ Blog

Welcome to Amber Chihuahua Blog! Hello, I'm Amber the Chihuahua Cute ♥ .I love mommy, FOOD, walkies, FOOD, nappy, tummy rubs, attentions, FOOD, toys, car rides, treats & fooood. I dislike BATHS, vet, being left alone and naughty kids. Many hoomans describe me as fierce and fat which I am not happy at all. I am not too friendly with hoomans and other doggies as I can get pretty snappy but I would never have the intention to harm anyone♥

LOVE Amber the ♥ Chihuahua.
Links♥ lemme know if I forgot to add you :p

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