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Happy New Year*dinner at Rakuzen*

Sunday, December 31, 2006 Happy New Year*dinner at Rakuzen* 11:05 PM

Actually this new year celebration isn't much compared to last few years ago. It was really crowded and we were pretty scare to go to KLCC or One Utama to celebrate new year. So, we ate in my favorite japanese restaurant, Rakuzen, oishiii! Usually I ordered my favorite udon but this time I ordered seafood don and the seafood was sashimi...I don't really like sashimi btw XD But of course I still eat~ And we went home after dinner. lol. We can see the fire works in one Utama or The Curve, little bit only. lol

Happy new year to Everyone!!! *


Good bye 2006 , and 2007, here we come.
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Bulldog Cafe* U^T^U

Saturday, December 30, 2006 Bulldog Cafe* U^T^U 11:26 PM
I watched The Curse of The Golden Flower yesterday with my family *cineleisure*. My mom only bought 4 tickets for the five of us becuase she bought the twin seat. It was really tied and cramped as me, my mom and my younger sis sat on the twin seat. But luckily, we saw there were 4 empty seat just further down. We waited for 20-30 minutes just to make sure no one is gonna come. Me and my mom moved to the seats. My younger sis have the twin seat to herself. About the movie, I don't really like it, actually I don't really like War movies also. And in the end, all of the emperor's son also mati. oh yea, I ate assam laksa again, and I ate 2 slices of pizza later XD yum
and popcorn XD and...that's all

Oh, for today's dinner, i finally went to Bulldog Cafe in Hartamas, which I heard from the dog forum. Dogs are allowed there, so of course I brought Amber along. But, no dogs around today. and the staffs said that ppl seldom bring dogs. haih~ the forum tipu one. We sat upstairts and no one was around, we have the whole upstairts to ourselves*heheh*. We played darts and pool($3). My bro and dad is pretty good. Amber was quite nervous as usual. But the meal boleh tahan only and is quite expensive. Amber makan jagung, peas and french fries. It was quite fun to have Amber around XD She pakai her hello kitty baju *_* so cute ...
Tomorrow is My bro's birthday and New year eves!!! I wonder what's our celebration tmR. I want to celebrate new year with Amber too... XP
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nani o shimashita?

Thursday, December 28, 2006 nani o shimashita? 2:25 AM
Deja Vu
On tuesday, my mom and all my siblings went to Cineleisure for lunch. Erm, me and my younger sister ate assam laksa,which was pretty good, as tasty as my aunt's. My mom and my other siblings fed up eating assam laksa in penang and ate the cafe opposite us,*don't know the shops' name* Then,my big sis realized she has some free movie tickets,but only for selected movies only. So, me and my big sis ended up watching Deja Vu*pay*, and my mom and the others watched happy feet*free*, heheh.My big sis persuaded me to watch with her, cause I wasn't interested in action-pack films. But suprisingly, I kinda enjoyed the movie and the ending is good too. My sis is liked "is so sad" -_-; I love to eat popcorn btw, cineleisure popcorn is pretty good XD
WednesdayMe,mom and 2 siblings went to oneUtama to have lunch, we ate in BBQ plaza,bcuz we wanted to use the coupon before it expired. We thought we ordered too much but still finshed in the end. XD We went Jusco after lunch. And my mom realized she has to fetched her friend, Fazila, to the Pet shop to buy cat food. I brought amber as well, Amber was quite unfriendly, i mean really unfriendly. But Fazila want to sentuh her, she said she very geram. ><
Amber as usual walk around the pet shop and barking at the dogs inside the cage U^T^U
Gome ne Amber chan, kyo walkie ga shimasen...
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Nothing much during christmas...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006 Nothing much during christmas... 1:41 AM
The past few days to me was really stressfree, all i do is watch tv, eat, play with Amber, feed the pets and that's about it...Actually, time passed by pretty quick. But there were times, I felt lonely, lol, is so quiet. I eat Mcdonald during Christmas eve, lol. And during Christmas, I tidy up the place and waited for my family to come back. They 7 something only reached home. We ate ThaiFood today.And today is my parent's anniversary. ^^
I honestly felt that materialism really affects how ppl act. Spoiling their child with expensive and high tech gadgets. haih...~That's just something I want to mention. XP
Merry Christmas To you~

Suraya chan odaiji ni~
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Amber is doing fine! Me,amber and yuki, alone

Saturday, December 23, 2006 Amber is doing fine! Me,amber and yuki, alone 2:49 AM

Amber finally removed the stitches yesterday, Amber did cry and struggle little bit,but it only took 5 minutes. I worried for nothing XD Me, Amber, my younger and elder sister had lunch in Lilyscenario,just the opposite side of my house 6:

Erm, my family will be leaving this early morning to go Penang with my cousin's family. And I'm staying back... I volunteer to stay back to take care of Amber and the other dogs. I can't drive so I have to order food delivery or go out somewhere near to take away...hmm, this is my first time staying back. I hope i won't feel lonely and miss my family. But is only 2 nights so I guess, is ok one lor...heheh. I won't be celebrating christmas eve with them :( er...at least with amber i guess. *_* but is kinda nice to feel like no one will bother me for once *e.g my younger sis*..lol :) I saw The Solid Gold S.E.P ,a product that is the solution to my problem, whoever saw this product,plz let me know asap!!! U^T^U
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p0o0or Amber!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006 p0o0or Amber!!! 1:33 AM
Been very busy lately...taking care of Amber. She have to stay in her cage until this coming Friday!!! ARGH, five more days to go!!! I can't wait to bring her to the vet to remove the Stitches too, and I can't wait for everything to be normal again where Amber is freely walking around the house and play,run,go walkies >_< I have to take her out hourly to let her do her business. I really afraid she can get hurt when she jumps and run around XO The vet told me to let Amber stay in the cage(-_-;) Tonight Amber will be sleeping in my room,which she is suppose to sleep in her cage...But so many mostique and so hot upstairts so my mom told me to let her sleep in my room. Haih..now she wearing the balut thingy around her neck so she won't lick the operated part. The first day,I brought her home is really dreadful, she looked as if she is really in pain and crying!! I really pity her,I don't dare to apply the medicine on the part also +_+ ,Amber ganbatte Kudasai!!!!! haih~
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Friday, December 15, 2006 Amber 11:11 PM
Amber went to the vet today to do operation*spay her* She is staying there the whole day, and tmr only I can take her back. I din't see her since morning, I miss her so much... I din't want to see her and leave again after the operation , it will make me and her even sadder. I had a hard time leaving her there, and I could see how sad she was... :"( I'll see her next thing tmr morning!!! Let her rest the whole day. This is my first time spaying my dog, I'm quite worry what is going to happen. I got 2 cats spayed before, and the 2nd one is quite hard to take care, because she refused to eat anything,and I had to handfed her. Haih...this is the first night, Amber is not sleeping in my room. Amber, matte ne!!!
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Suraya's birthday

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 Suraya's birthday 8:09 PM
Gone out to One utama to celebrate Suraya's birthday. Happy Birthday Suraya!! The kind Ji hong fetched all of us there, thank you, ji hong! Finally bought the ds charger too!!! i'm going to sleep!! netai desu! baibai
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japanese exam...

Monday, December 4, 2006 japanese exam... 1:12 AM
I had my japanese exam yesterday,sunday. phew,I relieved I finally got through with it. Now, I can focus on english which is my last exam this semester and I can relax later on. Kinda worry about about eassay bcuz of the essay section.. : [ *not good in essay*
I went to the Universiti Putra at 1pm for the japanese test. We should be enter the exam hall by 2pm but delay until 2.20pm, but everything was in time. There is a lot of waiting before the exam starts. It was crowded with people. Majority is chinese but a lot of malay too. My class is in B1, on the 3rd floor, the place is huge too, btw. Per class is 80px i think. The test is divided to 3 parts, vocabulary 25minutes, listening 25 minutes and grammer 50 minutes. There were some breaks between it. The vocabulary is okay, but there are some questions I not sure. er, the listening part, is stresssful, Is so hard. I can't catch what speaker is saying,sob* And later on, I even circle wrong answer on the question, panicked and din't even listened to what the speaker is saying. ( there will be no time to think, next question to the next question) My jpn language center ex-classmate also said is hard. For the grammer, There are quite alot questions I can't do, becuase I din't learn before. I was puzzled..*what is this? what does this mean,no kanji somemore* I really really hope I don't fail!!! My siblings will laugh at me, my cousins also will laugh at me!!! If i fail.... *jump to next topic*
My younger sister is sick again..."sick"? Maybe she don't want to go school lol >: D
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Amber Chihuahua ♥ Blog

Welcome to Amber Chihuahua Blog! Hello, I'm Amber the Chihuahua Cute ♥ .I love mommy, FOOD, walkies, FOOD, nappy, tummy rubs, attentions, FOOD, toys, car rides, treats & fooood. I dislike BATHS, vet, being left alone and naughty kids. Many hoomans describe me as fierce and fat which I am not happy at all. I am not too friendly with hoomans and other doggies as I can get pretty snappy but I would never have the intention to harm anyone♥

LOVE Amber the ♥ Chihuahua.
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