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japanese exam...

Monday, December 4, 2006 japanese exam... 1:12 AM
I had my japanese exam yesterday,sunday. phew,I relieved I finally got through with it. Now, I can focus on english which is my last exam this semester and I can relax later on. Kinda worry about about eassay bcuz of the essay section.. : [ *not good in essay*
I went to the Universiti Putra at 1pm for the japanese test. We should be enter the exam hall by 2pm but delay until 2.20pm, but everything was in time. There is a lot of waiting before the exam starts. It was crowded with people. Majority is chinese but a lot of malay too. My class is in B1, on the 3rd floor, the place is huge too, btw. Per class is 80px i think. The test is divided to 3 parts, vocabulary 25minutes, listening 25 minutes and grammer 50 minutes. There were some breaks between it. The vocabulary is okay, but there are some questions I not sure. er, the listening part, is stresssful, Is so hard. I can't catch what speaker is saying,sob* And later on, I even circle wrong answer on the question, panicked and din't even listened to what the speaker is saying. ( there will be no time to think, next question to the next question) My jpn language center ex-classmate also said is hard. For the grammer, There are quite alot questions I can't do, becuase I din't learn before. I was puzzled..*what is this? what does this mean,no kanji somemore* I really really hope I don't fail!!! My siblings will laugh at me, my cousins also will laugh at me!!! If i fail.... *jump to next topic*
My younger sister is sick again..."sick"? Maybe she don't want to go school lol >: D
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