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Dog Beauty Pageant

Sunday, January 14, 2007 Dog Beauty Pageant 11:13 PM
Amber-mae won the title as Ms.k9 2007!!! *clap*
Known as "Big Boy" ,beautiful and smart dog
A japanese Chihuahua on my sis's lap,watching the show
"Am i pretty?"
The finalists!
"I'm so excited!!!" XD
Row of doggies! *nice angle*
"Say Cheeeesssseeee"
A group picture! Nice pic...
Now,everyone is waiting for the results
Mr and Ms K9 Malaysia 2007

Big boy won most beautiful long coat and won the title as

Mr K9 Malaysia 2007!!!*clap*

Me and Amber want to try out in the dog beauty pageant,we buy last minute costume for Amber and I try to teach how to bite ang pau. But she still not used to the trick and I decided not to use it.There are 3 parades in the beauty dog pageant, the first dog parade is without their cloth so can show off their coat and the 2nd dog parade is the creativeness of the dog's costume.And the last dog parade is the talent time,base on the dog's talents and tricks, the most exciting :) Me and Amber always the first one to go up stage. Amber dind't do well, have to pull her and she is not confident enough.And for the talent time, I'm so nervous because I haven't practice tricks with her before the parade. Amber don't want to do 3 main tricks, " spin", "BANG" and "walk through". But at least she do "crawl" and "roll over" :) When I'm on stage on that time, my mind is blank one +_+ lol, but is really an experience for me and Amber.It was really fun to see other dogs peformed! It was fun the whole day, thanks to puppy.com of course!
paw print♥here

Amber Chihuahua ♥ Blog

Welcome to Amber Chihuahua Blog! Hello, I'm Amber the Chihuahua Cute ♥ .I love mommy, FOOD, walkies, FOOD, nappy, tummy rubs, attentions, FOOD, toys, car rides, treats & fooood. I dislike BATHS, vet, being left alone and naughty kids. Many hoomans describe me as fierce and fat which I am not happy at all. I am not too friendly with hoomans and other doggies as I can get pretty snappy but I would never have the intention to harm anyone♥

LOVE Amber the ♥ Chihuahua.
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