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Olympic Day

Saturday, June 2, 2007 Olympic Day 4:19 PM
It has been a week since my last post!!! Went to Olympic day organised by puppy.com last Sunday. There were so many dogs and I was so nervous but I had a great time. I went there really late like almost 12pm,I missed out lot's of fun!! Mommy brought me around the park to say "hi" to other dogs but I ended up snapping at them ( yea,I'm a little mean dog) . I did not join any competition or games, we were there really late. I met pacco first and then Amber-Mae,Chloe and Faith. I was really scare when I met Pacco and I snapped at her.I think I made her mad and she chased me around. Then I saw Amber-Mae and Faith,they are really pretty!!!! Their owner wasn't there so mommy took some photos of us together. Again,I was really scared and snapped at Amber-Mae,Sorry!!! Soon after that, Amber-mae's owner showed up with Chloe. Chloe is really pretty too. I missed out Amber-mae's dance routine demo,but luckily she posted the video in her blog,Yippe!!! I wanted to meet Boo but I didn't get to meet him.. It rained heavily after the event ..
I was really scare when I first arrived..
Here's Pacco!!! She's really smart. I want to be as thin as her!!
Here's Amber-Mae, her fur is so beautiful. Mommy wants her. haha
"Ahhh!! Help!! don't leave me here!!"
They are really big...
Hi Faith!!
Didn't mean to scare you there..
Here's me sitting beside Chloe.
she's so pretty
I found a clone of myself. Really freaky.
Two beautiful Big St.Bernard
This pom is so furrryyyy!!!
I don't dare to go near them..
I just love this doggies's dress!! But sold out =(

paw print♥here

Amber Chihuahua ♥ Blog

Welcome to Amber Chihuahua Blog! Hello, I'm Amber the Chihuahua Cute ♥ .I love mommy, FOOD, walkies, FOOD, nappy, tummy rubs, attentions, FOOD, toys, car rides, treats & fooood. I dislike BATHS, vet, being left alone and naughty kids. Many hoomans describe me as fierce and fat which I am not happy at all. I am not too friendly with hoomans and other doggies as I can get pretty snappy but I would never have the intention to harm anyone♥

LOVE Amber the ♥ Chihuahua.
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