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Monday, November 19, 2007 ProTexters 10:19 PM
ProTexters, a great service that send automatic text messages (SMS) to person phone from your webpage, check out www.protexters.com . Is fast, reliable and convenient! Impress your customers before the competitors do. Register now and install an easy and quick installation. Is a new innovative way to draw new customers and more loyal customers.

The ProTexters service sends automatic text messages to your phone from your web page. You can control the circumstances when the messages are sent, as well as what information is included. The messages can contain selected items of text from a form input that a user has entered.

This has huge benefits for commercial web sites. For example the web site owner can be informed immediately of new orders, giving more time to process the order, and procure any supplies needed to complete the order.

The service also holds significant benefits for customer relations. A business is far more likely to win a sale if an enquiry can be followed up immediately, while the potential customer is still freshly interested, perhaps even still looking at the site.

Messages can also be sent whenever certain pages are visited, giving benefits to monitoring and security.

Controls are in place to limit the number of messages sent and the circumstances when messages are sent. For example the sending of a message can be skipped if the visitor has opted not to enter a particular field, such as his/her phone number.

After registration the 'Texters' can be created and managed. These are then installed on the host web site by the inclusion of a single line of HTML in the section. The service therefore does not modify the look of the page in any way, and is easily installed. Once installed in this way, the various settings for the Texter can be managed from the ProTexters site. Multiple Texters can be installed on the same site, and even on the same page.

Registration is free, and the only costs are for the actual messages sent. These cost around $0.25 each, depending on the number purchased.

The service is worldwide, and works with most phone service providers.

ProTexters is provided by Mercia Networks, a well established UK company, who specialize in functional business web sites.

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LOVE Amber the ♥ Chihuahua.
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