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Japan Trip prt 3

Thursday, April 10, 2008 Japan Trip prt 3 11:51 PM
Hey all, mom would like to continue with the Osaka trip, this is the photos of the 3rd day. mom is determined to finished it till the very last day! xD
Is St.Patrick day today, hope no doggies went drunk. hehe. sadly, we don't celebrate it here :(
the 3rd day, we went to a known as American Street, for young people, where the fashion is more to overseas.

Ww had Mcdonald for breakfast. and i love their breakfast set! there are bacon and
pork burger, with cheese..

there're many cute stuffs for sale, but is pricey ..haha

there're a lot of small crepe stand, where a lot of young Japaneses people buy.

happy to enter another Pet shop in Japan. Met this cute little pooch. She's very friendly :)
something went wrong with the

we took a rest and ate sweet potatoes, we also fed the pigeons. The pigeons are pretty brave to approach us.

the biggest ferris wheel in Asia I think.

The Sega Arcade!

We came across Anipa, not sure what it is about. something pet garden.

there are different types of small breed for this section. but the doggies seem to tired to play with anyone
The big breed section, there are some rare breeds like this one. Yea, all the dogs are pretty pooped out

the other corner, is the farm animals i think. there are sheeps and goats. you can even feed them too

they're very tame, and let people touch them

There're also, rabbits, chipmunks and tortoise, but I'll just skip that.
this corner is the cat's corner.
all the cats looks quite unhappy.. I think they all are tired out

this cat was really in a bad mood, he scratched my sister's hand.

This cat sure reminds me of the cat from Stuart little. the movie with the small animated mice. hehe. Her fur is very soft and she doesn't like the camera at all. xD

Back to the farm animals again, we went to see piggy.

the sheeps are busy waiting for food

after Anipa and walked around the mall, we decided to go else where.
we came across some Japanese people cosplay. ^^

is already night, and we went to Yodobashi Umeda again.

the games and anime figurines on the whole floor.

so many figurines right? is paradise for people who loves these.
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