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Lunch at Fullhouse

Friday, October 24, 2008 Lunch at Fullhouse 11:58 PM
Mommy and the hoomans discovered a nice cozy place for lunch where I can tag along too. I was very happy when mommy dress me up prettily
When we leave the house, it was so hot! as if the sun was shinning right above us
I wore my skirt and phone harness and ready to go

I was very excited to see where the hoomans were taking me
Is actually a new area at Ara Damansara called the Nui Ze Sui.
The place is new and only few shops are opened for business
there are pet shops there too.
Mommy let me walk
Here's the Cafe, Fullhouse.
They sell decorative items and apparels too
Here's how inside the cafe looks like, nice eh?
There's also more space upstairs and clothes
We sat outside in a nice cozy corner.
I was a little nervous in this picture :)
I looked at the menu and wasn't happy to see
the dog meal is out of stock
I wasn't really upset because I got to share mommy and other hommans' meals
a nice big glass of cold ice lemon tea and lemonade is so soothing for the hot weather
Here's my happy face when the food came
The chicken creme soup
nasi lemak
dory fish
cabonara spaghetti
The hoomans ordered the set lunch that comes with drink + soup+ main course+ ice cream.
and the price is quite cheap ;3
I love the crispy chicken wings!!
mommy and hoomans had their dessert, cookies and cream ice ceream
the sky was getting darker and before we know it, it started to rain very heavily
The hoomans ordered tarts while waited for the rain to stop
the small tarts are so cute and light dessert
I ate this one- the strawberry tart
Chocolate flakes tart
hazel nut tart with bluberry
Chocolate tart
here's where we sat
after enjoying the tarts
the hoomans
It was still raining heavily, so the hoomans decided to wait longer and they ordered french fries
The rain finally stopped, mommy and I had a few walks off leash nearby
and we headed home after that..
I had such a nice lunch, wish there are more times like this in the future :)

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