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Amber sick and About Japan

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Amber sick and About Japan 11:43 PM
I got really bad cough and serious asthmatic few days back and mom brought me to the vet *nooo!* But, thankfully, I didn't get any jabs. The doc said I have kennel cough, phew.
He called mom to feed me medicine everyday !! yikes!
how I hate medicines but I've to take it to make me feel better.

I'm feeling a lot better now, and I'm not coughing anymore! yay. Here's some photos of Japan Day1
Mom speaking :)
Here we arrived at Kansai airport, we have travel by train to many stations to reach the hotel.
Thankfully, the train is not crowded.

Here're the Japan's local houses taken when in the train.

traditional Japaneses houses are really nice
After we dropped off our luggages, is time to shopping!!!
The fist destination is the Shinsaibashi street. Is a super long street!!! There are a lot of stores!!

There are so many nice things, many things can't get locally. But the price is a big factor :(

People in Japan eat many kind of fishes.

Other than that, there are so many arcades along the street.
We played the machine but couldn't get anything :(
is tougher than it looks.
We also came across a pet shop/pet care center.
There are some chihuahuas for sale
"buy me" "buy me"
Japan handphones are so COOL, nice designs *_* and cheap!! Very high tech and they can use to watch local tv shows directly from the phones, play online games, etc~ :)
other countries can't use the phones :((
Oh, I love the streets, many foreigners , most of them speak Cantonese so I assumed they are from hong kong. It was bright and sunny day, but the weather is cool. (I love this kind of weather!!!)
We walked the entire street!! and mostly the stores are women fashions. I must say that Japanese woman are VERY fashionable!!! 9 out of 10 japanese women dressed with fashionable. very good sense of style. the fashion cannot compare to Malaysia. It is obvious that we are not local lol xD
The place was very crowded, many many people

I don't know what is this, but I took it anyway >.<
That's it for Day 1 in Osaka. Hope I didn't bored anyone. There's wasn't anything much in day 1
stay tune for day 2!

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