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Lunch at Fork and Spoon

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Lunch at Fork and Spoon 11:54 PM
Mommy is very happy her exams are over and they decided to bring me to the restaurant the Fork and Spoon. They saw it on TV.
it was a hot hot Saturday! Doggies are only allowed outside.
There is a nice shed and big fan so it wouldn't be too hot for us.

I was so happy to be here and able to go out to join the hoomans, and not staying home.
The owner really like doggies and he has 4 doggies of his own.
And he said I was fat..
I snapped at him when he tried to touch me.. and he kept standing behind me.
I kept lashing at him but he didn't budge at all and seem to enjoy it.
I was so angry I jumped on the table ( i got spanking from mommy for that), the owner finally walked away..
phew..good riddance..

Mommy and the hoomans had hard time deciding what to order..They have local and western cuisines. Both mommy and moommy's sista ordered the set lunch. Set lunch cost RM25, is pretty worth it. Main course comes with drink, soup and ice cream.

The waiter there even served me a nice cold ice water..
how nice of them~

the soup of the day is mushroom soup.
she said it was yummy~

the hoomans ordered snacks too..
this is mommy's mom favorite, she ordered 2 plates.
I like the small fried tofu.
fried beans with ikan bilis, nuts, tofu in dry chili sauce.

Their specialty, Fork and Spoon fried meehoon.
yummy, it was really good.

mommy ordered smoke pork chop. It was also very yummy.

mommy sista order chicken chop. It was as good as the pork chop

I got a share from mom :)
Mommy said I don't chew my food
because I gobbled it down so quickly..

We have ice cream~very cooling for the hot hot weather
I love vanilla~
they gave complimentary ice cream to us :)

Look how I enjoyed the ice cream.. :)
the food are pawsome.. hoomans definitely come back
I recommend all my friends to eat there too..
If you want to the address, mommy can post it for you~
Also, I got an Arte-y-Pico Award award from Happy :)
thank you sweet Happy! This award made my day
I would like to pass on to Pedro , Brandy , Sparky, Umetyan and Benjamin!

paw print♥here

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